• Further cost reductions
    in process and materials

  • Simultaneous design, engineering, and development

  • Continuous process reviews

  • Minimum Inventories

  • Floor space utilization


Product Applications

Product Applications

​​​Blow-molded Energy Absorber Pads are customizable, and they are produced using proprietary technology. 

They offer several advantages compared to conventional method (foamed urethane):

Weight savings
Between 20% and 30%.

Improved performance
These pads exhibit improved performance through offering multiple characteristics within the same pad while retaining the ability to customize wall thicknesses.

Wide range of profiles

They can be created with more detailed profiles that other pad technologies cannot offer.


These pads are more durable compared to standard polyurethane pads.


They are 100% recyclable.

- EA pad for side and head impact

- Bumper absorber 

- Knee bolster
​- Foot rest

​​​​- FLP Lite Board: FLP Lite Boards are created with a core material. They incorporate the same fabric laminated plastic technology as the FLP Boards, but can reduce the thickness up to 50% and can reduce the weight up to 30% compared to FLP. FLP Lite is a method of simultaneously molding and applying fabric. Fabric is pre-set on the mold to apply during the process of molding the product. It is an eco-friendly process as no adhesives are used and the fabric and resin are recyclable being made of the same material. A transformed parison is used to clear the difficulties of the conventional blow molding technology to realize the next molding conditions: insertion of core materials (foams, etc.); better controlled thickness; and applying different materials on front and back in order to provide lighter products with new characteristics.



  • FLP Boards

  • FLP Lite Boards

  • Energy Absorber Pads




​Computer-aided engineering (CAE) available at KYORAKU in Japan

​​This line of fabric laminated plastic (FLP) deck boards is produced using patented technology, providing high quality and customizable boards. Our technology involves attaching the fabric to board during the molding process, which eliminates the secondary step of applying the fabric after molding, and produces a board with no chance of fabric coming unattached.

- Cargo Floor Lid

​​​​- FLP Board: FLP Boards are made with molded inner ribs, which allow the boards to achieve the needed strength to meet customer requirements while offering weight reduction compared to conventional wood or solid boards. FLP Boards can also be designed with a living hinge, which does not require the secondary process of installing additional components. Fabric is pre-set in a mold so that it can be applied to the product as it is being molded. No adhesive is used and the fabric and plastic are made from the same basic material to achieve recyclability, providing for a more eco-friendly product.

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